Si queremos avanzar hacia una sociedad sostenible y poco contaminante, necesitamos que los consumidores piensen sobre sus compras.

David Suzuki

A pallet is a rigid horizontal platform, used as a basis for grouping, stacking, storing, handling and transporting goods and loads in general.

Service to the environment

The recovery of pallets allows the reuse and optimization of this product. With the recycling, we avoid the felling of a large number of trees in spite of the increase of consumption, helping to preserve the ecological and environmental system.

Purchase and sale of pallets

Our company has the adequate facilities to carry out a system of valuation of its pallets of fast and transparent form.

If you prefer, we can also go to your facilities to evaluate the pallets according to the type and status of the pallets.

Repair of pallets

We concentrated a great effort in the obtaining of raw material used in the market – tables, packaging, structures, and a long etc. – both for the repair and for the manufacture of pallets with recycled wood. In this way, we show our respect for the environment without affecting the quality of the product.

Customer Support

Pallets recycled at the service of customers. Our goal is to maintain at all times the highest quality at the best price possible by offering a personalized, efficient and transparent service. Therefore, we advise our customers about the products that best fit their needs.

We deliver the pallets in your premises and we adapt to your schedule, guaranteeing a fast and personalized delivery.

Pallet picking

We have an Own Transportation Service – small and large volume – to reach you quickly and punctually.

Through various distributors, we can serve our product and provide service of collection of discarded pallets in any point of the national geography. We want to offer you the efficient and complete service you deserve.

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