We make customized budgets according to the needs and preferences of our clients.

We repair with new or used table and classify the pallets according to their characteristics. In addition, we remove the useless ones and we manage the stock and the transport.

We look for alternatives; we believe in the reconditioned, we take care of the environment and we bet by the optimization of resources

About us

Rebiazul was born in 1998 as a result of a project inspired by novel market ideas. We noticed that many of the wastes generated in economic activities were “recoverable” and could be the raw material for new production processes.

Encouraged by this philosophy, we join the 1st generation of companies dedicated to Recycling in the Region of Murcia. That was how Rebiazul was forging a name and a strong identity as a company dedicated to the recycling of pallets.

Today, it is unthinkable to imagine loading our goods without them. However, have you ever wondered about the origin of the pallet? Its origin dates back to 1924, the year in which it was first patented by the American Howald T Hallowell. Initially it was baptized like “Lift Truck Plattform” and the wood was the material used for its construction due to the ease of supply and handling of the same one.

The generalization of the wooden pallet began in World War II in response to the need to quickly transport and distribute military supplies and supplies, such as weapons, food, medical supplements, and so on.

However, the first patent of pallets dates back to 1924, developed by a US citizen. Later, during the decade of the 30’s, its use became popular thanks to the facilities to transport goods and its great functionality, compatible with the existing machinery. In 1939, Carl Clark designed a pallet that closely resembles those that have been standardized today.

Know how we deal with the reconditioning of pallets