History of the pallet

Today it is unthinkable to imagine loading our goods without them but … have you ever wondered the origin of the pallet? For its origin dates back to 1924 when it was first patented by the American Howald T Hallowell who called it “Lift Truck Plattform” and who used the wood as material for its construction due to the ease supply and management.

Later, due to the development of freight transport, during the 1930s two other patents were registered:

  1. George Raymond (1938) recorded a platform that complemented the existing pallet at the time.

2. Carl Clark (1939) recorded the type of pallet that most closely resembles what is currently known.

In the 1940s two other patents of pallets are known which may have been devised before but not patented until then by the war.

Robert Braun (1945) who patented a pallet of 4 entrances.
Norman Cahners (1949) who patented a type of disposable pallet.
Darling Graeme (1949) patented the four-door pallet that most closely resembles the modern pallet currently used.

But the diffusion of the pallets is owed to the army for the supply of weapons, food, etc. of its troops in Europe during the 2nd World War.
With respect to the European pallet, in 1950, with the boost of the railroad, it became necessary to standardize a pallet of dimensions 800 × 1200 mm that 18 European railways networks adopted with the name EUROPE (EUR)

Know how we deal with the reconditioning of pallets