Our team of professionals will advise you on any doubts when buying, selling or reconditioning pallets with the best value depending on the characteristics and the condition of them.
We are part of the first generation of companies in the Region of Murcia dedicated to Recycling.


The life of a pallet should not end once it has been used to transport goods. Reuse is a priority option in environmental policies. Through its recycling, and in compliance with the criteria set by the environmental and quality regulations, it can be reused again covering all the guarantees of service.

The collection, sorting, conditioning and warehousing operations carried out by the recycling companies of pallets, provide an environmental and economic value that benefits the whole society.

In Rebiazul, we offer you two options when valuing your pallets:

  • Purchase of the pallets in their facilities or in the place of destination of the merchandise transported.
  • Purchase of pallets in our facilities. This option, because it does not entail a cost in the transport, will give you a better valuation of your pallets.

Society and environment

In Rebiazul we take into account the good functioning of society and the care of the environment. Therefore, all the activities carried out in the company follow the current legislation in this area.

These are our main objectives for which we fight day by day:

  • Natural Resource Optimization
  • Decrease in costs
  • Global energy savings
  • Job creation
We offer a wide range of jobs