Looking after the future

The useful life of a drum and pallet should not end once it has been used. Re-use is a priority option in environmental policies.


The 5 R's

Our working philosophy is based on the 5 R’s

  1. Reduce

    We avoid the extraction of natural resources and the use of water and energy to obtain new materials.

  2. Recycle

    We subject used materials and waste to a transformation or recycling process so that they can be used again. The idea is to give these products a new life, transforming them from their original form to a new use or product.

  3. Reuse

    We give a new use to something that has already been used. By reusing we are reducing the extraction and production of new raw materials and, at the same time, we are avoiding the energy costs and resources needed to recycle those materials.

  4. Repair

    We make the necessary changes to something that is damaged, broken or in disrepair so that it is no longer in disrepair.

  5. Recover

    We make the best possible use of objects that were previously thought to be discarded.







Reconditioning of pallets

Starting from used pallets, often in poor condition, and through the processes we have mastered as a result of experience, we are able to produce pallets in a perfect state of use, at the same time as generating boards that are used in the manufacture of boards and other furniture.

The used pallet is thus given a new life.


Reconditioning of drums

Starting from used drums, often in poor condition, and through the processes of stripping, sanding, reshaping, cleaning and painting, we are able to offer drums of the highest quality available to be used as if they were new.


We buy industrial packaging to recover

Our company has the appropriate facilities to carry out a system of valuation of your drums and pallets in a quick and transparent way.

If you prefer, we can also come to your premises to assess your pallets and drums according to their type and condition.

We have our own transport service (for small and large volumes) to reach you quickly and punctually. We provide service throughout Spain, directly or through distributors.

Through various distributors, we can efficiently serve our product and provide a collection service for discarded drums and pallets anywhere in Spain.


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